Economics is the study of how the individual or society allocates scarce resources to satisfy unlimited wants.

Program Learning Outcomes
  • The student will analyze specific economic markets to explain and predict changes in price and economic behavior.
  • The student will be able to identify various international policy options using economic terminology when given an economic problem.
  • The student will demonstrate an understanding of individual choices as they relate to overall economic systems.
Courses Descriptions

ECON 1A – Elementary Economics-Macro (3 units)
Economic principles, problems and policies. Theories related to various economic problems and policies; i.e. Inflation, recession, taxation, poverty, agriculture, economic development, the environment. Includes possible solutions to these problems. Emphasizes macro-economics.

ECON 1B – Elementary Economics-Micro (3 units)
Economic principles, problems and policies. Theories include: price theory or theory of the firm, labor economics, foreign trade and comparative economic systems. Emphasizes micro-economics.