College Skills

Adult Education and College Readiness Classes

We have the resources you need to improve your academic skills:
  • Free Classes
  • Skills assessment in math, reading, and writing
  • Personalized learning plans
  • Interactive computer programs
  • Free access to campus resources
  • Registration open all year
Call 707-995-7910 for more information. In our free, easy-access computer lab or classes you can:
  • Study for math and English placement tests.
  • Prepare for high school equivalency tests such as the GED and HiSET.
  • Improve your reading, math and writing abilities for work and college classes.
Program Learning Outcomes
  1. Improve skills in solving multi-step math problems (numerical and word) involving basic operations up to algebra and geometry
  2. Improve ability to identify and summarize main ideas in short reading selections involving a variety of genres (essays, news articles, text books, etc)
  3. Compose a competent and focused 2-6 paragraph response on an assigned topic.
  4. Collaborate with others and demonstrate the characteristics of successful self-directed learners.


All of these courses are non-credit classes and do not have enrollment fees (except for the $10 per semester health services fee). For information on how to enroll, call (707) 995-7910 or visit the Administration building to meet with one of our advisors.

LEARN 502 – Academic Assistance & Tutoring
Academic Assistance & Tutoring provides individual and group assistance for academic success through study guidance, tutoring, and support. The course is designed for students seeking assistance with concurrent coursework. Open-Entry / Open-Exit.

LEARN 520 – Beginning Basic Academic Skills
General review of beginning to intermediate concepts of reading, writing, and math including strategies for preparing for the GED/HiSET exam. Open-Entry/Open-Exit.

LEARN 521 – Intermediate Basic Academic Skills
General review of intermediate concepts of basic reading, writing, and math. Builds on skills obtained in LEARN 520. Includes strategies in preparation for the GED/HiSET exam and post secondary coursework. Open-Entry/Open-Exit.

LEARN 530 – Fundamentals of Composition
Introduction to academic writing skills with emphasis on basic grammar and mechanics, varied sentence types, paragraphs, short essays, and the writing process.

LEARN 574 – Arithmetic for College
The study of whole numbers, fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals which involves concepts of prime and composite numbers, and prime factorization; ratio, proportion, percent; rounding and estimating sums, differences, products, and quotients. Concept applications, math vocabulary, and reasoning skills are emphasized.

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