IMPORTANT: Due to COVID-19 safety measures, starting Wednesday, March 18, 2020, the Counseling Office will be operating remotely. Appointments will be online or over the phone. To schedule an online counseling appointment please call (707) 995-7901 or schedule an appointment online

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Student Steps Before and After Online Appointments:

As you may already be aware that WCC Counseling Services are going remote! You can still meet with a counselor.

Before your online appointment, follow the steps below:

  • Check your technology for Audio and Video by clicking on this link:
  • If your audio or video does not work but you have access to a phone:
    • You can still use the Chat option within the online appointment
    • Or you can call your counselor on the phone and stay in the online meeting so the counselor can share his/her screen with you.

Steps below on how to set up the appointment:

  • Student will request an online appointment via E-SARS or when calling to schedule an appointment. Call Counseling Services at 707-995-7901.
  • A meeting link will be sent to the student’s school email right before his/her appointment.
  • After clicking on the meeting link, student will click on the Canvas icon and login with his/her school login username and password. This is the same username and password student already uses to log into Canvas or any other school logins.
  • At this point, student is in the meeting with the counselor.

**If student is using a phone to conduct the online appointment. Student will be directed to download an app called ConexED after step 3. The app is compatible with Android and Apple devices.

*You can request a phone appointment, please specify when you call or make an appointment online!

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