Introducing the 2018-19 Officers for the Associated Students of Lake County Campus

President Brianna Legg
Student Ambassador and English major, Brianna will be starting her 5th semester at LCC in the fall and serving on the ASB team for a second year.



Vice President Erika Latta
New to the ASB team, Erika looks forward to generating positivity on campus and serving our student community.





Director of Student Affairs Triston Miller
Triston brings his past leadership experience from high school and Carle to the Lake County Campus ASB team.





Director of Business Miranda Hernandez
Majoring in Natural Science and Mathematics with aspirations to enter the nursing field, Maranda is eager to get more involved with college events and fundraisers.



Director of Communication Kyley Zadel
New to the LC campus, young and energetic, Kyley has creative ideas that she hopes the ASB team can execute in the upcoming year.