SB 1359: Highlighting Zero Textbook Cost in the Class Schedule

The Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Degree program is one of the Open Educational Resources (OER) initiatives to improve teaching, learning, and accessibility for all learners at California Higher Education institutions. Courses designated as Zero Textbook Cost eliminate conventional textbook costs by using alternative instructional materials and methodologies, including open educational resources.

How can students identify Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC)?

Courses that are participating in ZTC program will be identified in WebAdvisor with this logo:

Where will students access the digital OER materials?

There are several websites that host OER materials. Your instructor will include information on the syllabus or course website.

Here are some WCC courses that have adopted OER textbooks or Reduced Price textbooks:

  • LEARN 502
  • Soc 1
  • Soc 8
  • Chem 1A
  • Chem 1B
  • Chem 2A
  • Chem 10
  • Geog 1
  • Geol 8
  • Geol 8L
  • Geol 20

From Lake County Campus:

  • LEARN 502
  • LEARN 520
  • LEARN 521
  • LEARN 574