Welding is the application of heat to permanently join metal parts to repair and fabricate metal structures, machinery, and equipment. Skilled welders have experience using multiple welding machines including the arc welder, TIG (tungsten inert gas) welder and MIG (metal inert gas) welder. The Welding Certificate of Achievement can provide you with the skills and training to get a good-paying job and help you become certified by the American Welding Society.


Welding Technologies Certificate of Achievement

The Welding Technologies Certificate of Achievement is a 12-unit certificate intended to provide student completers with the safety, skills, and abilities to obtain entry-level positions in the many fields that require welding as part of their duties. Student completers will know how to weld in all positions (flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead) in ARC, MIG, and TIG.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Understand safety issues as they pertain to shop safety, occupationsl safety, and personal safety.
  • Assess welding problems and defects and provide a solution.
Course NumberCourse TitleUnits
WELD 51Introduction To Arc Welding (SMAW)2
WELD 52Oxy-Acetylene Welding2
WELD 54GMAW/GTAW Production Welding4
WELD 55Structure Design and Fabrication4

Required Items:

  • Gauntlet Welding Gloves
  • Wire brush
  • Slag hammer
  • Arc helmet (auto adjust recommended)
  • Gas welding shield or #5 goggles
  • Leather uppers
  • Vice-grip pliers
  • Levi pants
  • Cotton shirt (long sleeve)
  • Safety glasses
  • Boots
  • 4 1/2″ grinder
  • Tig gloves
  • Striker
  • Tote Bag (recommended)
  • Welding Skills textbook
  • Welding Skills workbook


WELD 51 – Introduction To Arc Welding (SMAW)
This course is designed to advance beginning arc welding skills with an emphasis on SMAW. Power sources, electrode identification, weldability of metals, joint design and oxyacetylene cutting are covered. Activities include learning to weld stringer and weave bead, butt and fillet welds in the flat, horizontal vertical and overhead positions.

WELD 52 – Oxy-Acetylene Welding
Gas welding processes: background, safety, applications and methods of operation; welding, burning, brazing and soldering. Activities include learning to weld in flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead positions.

WELD 53 – Advanced Arc Welding
An advanced course designed to prepare students to pass structural steel certification in vertical and overhead positions. The SMAW (stick) process will be used. The goal of this class is to pass the AWS D1.1 Welding Certificate Test. Strict adherence to the testing procedures will be followed. Completion of the class does not guarantee AWS certification unless welding procedure qualification tests are passed. Note: Students must provide safety glasses and welding gloves, and those materials which are of continuing value outside of the classroom setting. This cost will be explained at the first class meeting.

WELD 54 – GMAW/GTAW Production Welding
Introduction to TIG (GTAW), MIG (GMAW), heliarc, bare wire and fluxcore welding, plasma arc cutting, electronic operation, application of processes, exotic metal and alloy welding, use of track cutter.

WELD 55 – Structure Design and Fabrication
Structural weld design and fabrication of weldments. Operation of mechanized iron worker, arc weld-stainless, aluminum and cast iron. Blueprint reading, welding symbols, cost estimation, layout techniques, and use of metal fabrication equipment will be used to complete projects.

WELD 56 – Structural Steel and Flux Corded Arc Weld
Emphasizes developing skills on structural steel and FCAW practices. Related instruction will include ferrous metal identification and welding characteristics, FCAW welding applications and variable, dual shield inert shielding gases and mixtures, troubleshoot FCAW equipment and welds completed in all positions. Students must provide those materials which are of continuing value outside of the classroom setting. This cost will be explained at the first class meeting.

WELD 57 – Agriculture Welding
Emphasizes the development of minimum skill standards in Agriculture equipment repair welding. Gain knowledge in matching the repair to the type of weld best suited for the repair. The SMAW (shielded metal arc welding), the OFW (oxy-fuel welding) and the OFC (oxy-fuel cutting) processes are covered. GMAW, GTAW, FCAW, Plasma Arc cutting and technologies in Agricultural welding are covered.