John Hamner is a lifelong Lake County resident, raised in Lakeport. In the early 90’s he decided to return to school, and he chose to return to Yuba College, Clearlake Campus, in order to obtain his AS in water/wastewater treatment. As a result of taking these classes, he became a certified water and wastewater treatment operator. After obtaining these certifications he was hired as the water/wastewater operator for the Hopland Public Utility District in 1995 and promoted to General Manager one year later. He went on to work for two nonprofits that provide technical assistance and training for public and tribal water/wastewater systems for 15 years, the California Rural Water Association and the Rural Community Assistance Corporation. He is currently the General Manager for the Callayomi County Water District, the water system that serves the town of Middletown.

John began teaching at the Lake County Campus in 2008, offering one class per semester. Three years ago the program was expanded to a certificate program that includes six classes that can be completed in one year. An Associate degree may be developed in the future.